Sunday, October 12, 2008


Once again I have nothing important to post, so I'll write about my weekend. I went camping with my girl scout troop, but only seven girls went, including myself, so that was a big plus since when everybody comes it's a big disaster. We slept in two seperate trailers. I got the trailer with the awesome leader and my friends, while the other loud girls got the annoying leader (I think she's annoying because she complains about everything little thing!). We got to go to a dance in our pajamas, which was fun. I bough glasses that had lights on it, so whenever a song came on that I didn't know, I put on the glasses and bobbed my head. My friends even made me do the soulja boy, but it was all good. I was having a good time, though some boys got a little weird and started dancing around. They lifted each other up and danced all stupid like. One danced too close to me, so I sat with my leaders. They said that they liked boys like that, boys who didn't care what anybody else thought. My opinion is there's a thin line between not caring what anybody else thought and just being plain ignorant. Though one of my leaders did tell me that what they noticed is that I have fun whatever I do, which was nice to hear. In the final song we got into a "love circle" where we all held hands and swayed back and forth. We also went to Assateague and saw some wild ponies, which was awesome. And now I know another thing I can be for holloween...a park ranger! I have a junior park ranger badge, and I can use my mom's old name tag and belt from when she was a park ranger.


Lona said...

Whoa...trailers??? In my day, camping was about spending the night in tents.

Hallie Jo said...

i went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my girl scout troop this weekend.

Gordon said...

Being like your mom would be a very good thing.