Monday, November 3, 2008


These darn christians I sat in front of and beside in science are just plain annoying. They just randomly started talking about how reincarnation is stupid. The girl was talking about how her pastor said that is you cared about someone, that they should tell them about Jesus; and if you didn't care about someone, let them go to hell. The boy thought it would be hilarious for me to die 64 times a day in eternal flames. They both came to the conclusion that it would be amusing if I was wrong, and that they were ashamed of me. That's great for them and all, but why do they even have to talk to me?


Elle said...

...Thast just stupid

Alyssa said...

it would be interisting to die 64 times a day. but it alos would be interisting if they were wrong, and when you all get to the void, then you can spend all eternity saying "i told you so" and if you say ont thing about my selling, or my grammer i will flood your comments with quotes from charlie the unicorn. got it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????