Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of High School!

My first impression of high school was scary. When I got to the bus stop, I saw so many more people, some of them I didn't even know, that I got so frozen from the unfamiliarity of it that I didn't go to the stop sign, I just stayed across the street. The bus was crowded, too crowded. When walking to the cafeteria, where the freshmen were supposed to go, I got a dizzy spell, like I couldn't believe I was doing this, and I had to wave my hand in front of my eyes. In homebase we got our schedules (again, in case you lost yours since orientation), and the papers you need to fill out to get your locker. First block was government. The teacher was kind of crazy in a in-your-face way, but he's a coach, so he has an excuse. We spent about five minutes going "Kapeesh?" "Kapeesh" "Kapeesh?" "Kapeesh". Second block was Geometry. He jokes around a lot. He told us a really lame joke. "What did the tree say to the other tree?" "Gee, I'm a tree (geometry)." He says he gives a lot of homework, but he gives a lot of time to do it in class. There were lots of sophomores there, which was kind of intimidating. Next block was French. Since I was in French II, there was older kids there, too. French was fun. Most of the time we learned about the teacher, who was a hoot. After French was lunch, which I had most of my friends in. What was surprising to me was that lunch was with other grades too! I was shocked! Same with health, which I had after lunch. I'm so used to the structured classes and lunches of middle school, where the different grades have their lunches and electives at certain times. I don't know how tomorrow will go. Tomorrow I have theatre arts, earth and space science, honors English, and chorus. I have to say that today was okay. A lot better than I thought it would be. Now I'm home, and Torry randomly handed me fries and a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. Not my favorite meal, but at least I won't have to cook dinner.


Innes said...

congratulations on making it through the day with no real trauma! it should get easier!

Hallie Jo said...

its better than eating FROZEN chicken.

Lona said...

Sounds like it could have been a lot worse!