Friday, June 1, 2012


I haven't posted in a long long time. It's May, which means the winding down of the school year. I've turned in all my textbooks and taken all my finals. I'm taking the SAT tomorrow and the ACT next week. The seniors have already left and are doing graduation practice until they finally graduate on Tuesday.

One thing that I've done is prepare for next year. I've filled out all my paperwork to go to the community college for my senior year. I'm taking four classes: English, calculus, computer science, and maps and mapping. It seems odd that I would choose a class like that to take, but the admissions adviser recommended it because it would be easier to take a humanities course my first semester there.

Another cool thing I did was go on a trip to Europe for my spring break. I went to Berlin, Munich, and Krakow. It was great to see my cousin in Germany and eat pierogi ruskie to my heart's content in Poland. Krakow was definitely my favorite place. I would love to go back and explore Wawel castle more and see the entire Rynek Główny from the balcony of the Sukiennice.

In other exciting news, my sister and I are trying to convince my dad to take us to Canada sometime over the summer. I suppose I should do more college tours, but colleges are usually dead-looking this time of year and it wouldn't really be fun.