Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid LA

We have to write a historical fiction short story, and the era I chose was the 60's. I don't know what year to write on, though. I asked my dad about the pinnacle of the hippies, and he said 1969, thought I was thinking that might be too late. I was thinking about 1967, since I want to include the San Francisco song by Scott McKenzie, but I'm not sure.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday was the last time I have to take the MSA's ever! Last week was the math MSA's on Tuesday and Wednesday. My GTT teacher wasn't there to supervise the test, so we had the two art teachers, one of whom seemed like pure evil for some reason. We had to take the test in the Home Ec room, which was pretty cool. When we started the test I saw Mme. Jerow walk in. It turns out she was also supervising the test! During the breaks she would freak me out by telling me about some upcoming quiz. We later found out that my GTT teacher had pneumonia. We asked her if it was contagious. She said that viral pneumonia was, but bacterial pneumonia wasn't. We asked if she had bacterial pneumonia. She said she hoped.

This Tuesday and Wednesday was the reading test. Even with my GTT teacher back, we still had Mme. Jerow, which I thought was creepy and unnescessary. The good part about the MSA's was that the desks would be moved into rows, which I liked. Also the classes were shorter. It was fun because in social studies all the time he had we used watching our teacher google himself.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm So Tired

I just came home from April's wedding (which was fun by the way), and I feel sooooo tired! I was hoping I could just put on a record and fall asleep on the couch, but no. Dad's record player has been acting stupid lately. The other day it wasn't plugged in, and once we fixed that, it wasn't plugged in to the speakers. Today it's working, but it's not making a sound, even though it's plugged. Too bad that Dad's too lazy to come downstairs and help me fix it! Later he did come down, and it was really strange because everything was plugged in. Normally I'd blame Torry, but he's currently not here, which makes it physically impossible to blame him. Then again, with him not here, there was nothing that was blame-worthy. The record player is working fine now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something's fishy...

In gym I can't bear to think of leaving my ring in my locker and losing it, so I tie it on to my right shoelace. Today I decided to go different for once and I tied it on to my left shoelace. Sure enough, when I go to change my clothes, my ring is squished and beyond repair. I found that rather strange.

My choir did get into state, which is awesome! But the day after Fesival I got a sore throat and now it's working its way into a cold. Thank goodness I have my awesome vanilla hazelnut tea.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today my chorus went to Festival, a thing where middle and high school choirs get together at North Point to sing and sight read in front of judges. It's sort of an assessment for the choirs. I've heard rumors that we got into state, but so far the teacher hasn't told us.