Saturday, October 27, 2012

College, College, and More College

My classes at the community college are going well. I'm trying for my driver's license next month, so I won't have to depend on my father and brother as much. If a class is cancelled or ends early I have to wait 20 minutes for my ride to pick me up. Since I only go to class for 3 hours 3 days a week, I've been having fun doing things over the weekend. One weekend I went to the Big E in New England and saw my sister. Another weekend I went to the Chesapeake Watershed Forum in West Virginia and learned mostly about maps thanks to the urging of my mom.
One thing my dad made sure I did with my time was college things. I've done some college tours at state universities. I personally hate college tours. They're awkward and they make me feel like I'm being fed overly sweet syrup. One of the schools was medium-sized, which I liked, but the campus seemed cramped and in the middle of nowhere. They loved to talk about how it's so close to Baltimore, but when someone asked if there was a shuttle to go to Baltimore, the tour guides said it's really unreliable. The other school had a huge student population, but had a big campus to balance it out. Unfortunately, it seemed too big, and the surrounding area seemed unattractive and not the type of place I'd like to hang out. The upside their computer science program is supposed to be really good.
My college applications are coming along, although I have to admit my essays still need work. I'm trying to get everything done by November 1st, so I'm cranking out short answers before the "Frankenstorm" hits the East coast and I lose power. I never understand the word limits they have on these things.