Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday in PE we had to run across the gym for the whole period. Today my legs hurt like heck, and my day hasn't been very peachy keen either. For one, I'm starting to hate peaches, or at least those fake ones that come in cups. And in language arts, this girl who's like everyone's best friend decided to name everyone in the class who she didn't like. Unfortunately I sit at her table so I heard everything. She named an annoying kid who asks too many questions, my best friend, and "Someone She Won't Mention", who would most likely be me since she called me the b-word last year. Her and her best friend are very open about not liking me or my best friend, but it's not like we go around and bad mouth everyone me hate. Or at least I don't.


Lona said...

I see middle school still operates in the same fashion that it did back in my day when we called it junior high school. But really, in my day 'hell' and 'bitch' were words we couldn't even say. Does GangGang read this blog?

Haven said...

I don't use these words in real life, just on the internet. I'll edit it if she is.