Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm So Tired

I just came home from April's wedding (which was fun by the way), and I feel sooooo tired! I was hoping I could just put on a record and fall asleep on the couch, but no. Dad's record player has been acting stupid lately. The other day it wasn't plugged in, and once we fixed that, it wasn't plugged in to the speakers. Today it's working, but it's not making a sound, even though it's plugged. Too bad that Dad's too lazy to come downstairs and help me fix it! Later he did come down, and it was really strange because everything was plugged in. Normally I'd blame Torry, but he's currently not here, which makes it physically impossible to blame him. Then again, with him not here, there was nothing that was blame-worthy. The record player is working fine now.


Lona said...

I'm tired too and JuJu has already gone to bed (at 7:30)

Alyssa said...

You can still blame Tory! It is easy.