Friday, April 24, 2009

Today I have Girl Scouts. I have to bring 20 pictures of me, which was hard because, who prints pictures any more? So I had to print out a bunch of pictures from facebook. Though I think I have way more than just 20 pictures. I'm sorting through them now. I'm going to make a scrapbook with them.

At school it was career day. I learned about the Department of Justice, Cisco Networking, and some dude on the SWAT team. After that in GTT we had to model different kinds of gears or something, and my partner is this preppy girl who's always off doing the morning announcements, or doing something for SGA or yearbook club or whatever. Today she must have been helping with the career day. So for the period I just sat about trying to figure out the darn gears. What sucks even more is that for every gears there's a bunch of questions. The whole thing: the questions for the gears, and the signatures approving the 10 models we're supposed to be building is due on Thursday. So thanks to the idiot I'm paired with, I have to make 8 models in two days. I shake my fist at the world for my unlucky fortune, my sore throat, and my allergies.


Hallie Jo said...

is GTT like CAD?

Haven said...

GTT is Gateway Tech, and yes, I've done CAD in GTT