Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm now in Montréal, Québec. It's actually surprising how much French there is everywhere. I thought there might be English labels below, but mostly everything is just French. So far we went to the science center and a museum about archeolgy and history. So far Andelle's been going on and off between annoying and pleasant. Like right now she's complaing a video she needs to see on youtube that just came out and complains that I've been on too long, even though she spent all day yesterday on. Right now I'm getting my fix of Donovan that I missed the week I was in New York. She's sitting right behind me now and it's really creepy why she can't just leave. It was fun at the museum of archeology and history, because of the tour guide. We called him the Tour Guide of Character. What's fun is that we're just winging it through Montréal. Tomorrow's my dad's birthday (and Ringo Starr's), and we've been trying to find a restaurant for him, but he's no help. It's been fun watching cartoons in French, and I wish Ysa could've come, but instead she decided to go to five-week-comic-book-camp.

Rawr w/ <3


Innes said...

happy birthday to (your) dad!

Hallie Jo said...

in Austria there a lot of the signs have english.