Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Week

When I came home from school I fell asleep until like 6. I am exhausted but feeling much better. A few things that I've noticed that have helped me during the first 2 weeks:

  • Having an upperclassman buddy. I didn't feel as lost as I could have been knowing there was somebody who could help me.
  • Taking bubble baths. Now that Andelle's gone I have a bathroom to myself. While cleaning it out with mom, I found an old Scooby-Doo bubble bath stuff. It said it was mild and long-lasting, but the bubbles were kind of lame so I'm hoping to get soapier stuff to have bubblier baths :D
  • Chocolate. And lots of it. Nuff Said.
  • Having something I brought from home. During the day my motto is "I wanna go home" and I often think of things I'd rather be doing, like sleeping, so I taped a small newspaper article that I thought was funny to the inside of my agenda book. I look at it, think of home, and get back to work.


Innes said...

all very wise suggestions!