Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Shopping

So the big thing I want for Christmas is a record player that can also save music on my computer. The only problem is that there's so many issues. Also it's kind of expensive. The cheapest one so far was $100, but that's because it was literally cheap.

  • I need to either get a flash drive or plug it directly in to my computer. I don't want to move my computer into my room, because my room is cold and it smells. Also I'd have no life because then I'd just be a creepy kid who never leaves. I don't want it in the living room because two record players in one room is stupid and I don't want Torry to touch it.
  • I'd need a stero to listen to it, which would mean more money. Or I could get a boom box that I would be able to plug it into, which is still more money, but not as much. Or I could plug it into my computer, but that would bring back to square one.
  • Do I want a cover or no? Will I be okay with putting the stylus on manually? Oh, if only I could plug my computer into my dad's record player, but since he bought his 25 years ago, that isn't possible. I can only imagine using a record player exactly like my dad's, so it's very hard imagining using something else.
  • The reviews on Amazon scare me. People saying the platter was warped, the stylus scratched their records, the belt went too fast, it couldn't play music when it was recording, it would only play music if it was recording. All it takes is one bad review and I look elsewhere.
  • I have no clue what I want exactly!


Elle said...

omfg a record player. I have no clue what I want for xmas...