Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What's with the youngins today and their disdain of plain white socks? I admit I am guilty of it. In the beginning of the year I had yellow boat shows, so I decided wearing white socks with it would look weird, so I would wear yellow socks. Well since one person has a limited supply of yellow socks, I went without socks. My feet were freezing when I would walk through the wet grass. I was excited when mom bought me running shoes, but they were low, so I wore socks everyone would see them. I wore them without socks and my feet were so sweaty I had to peel them off. With the shoes I have now, I can wear the brightest, whitest, most embarrasing socks without anyone seeing them. One of my friends had low-top Converse, and she would complain how you could see her socks when she crossed her legs, so she said she should get some high-tops instead. Sure enough, when we came back from break, she got new shoes. I know this post is strange and random, but I haven't posted in a while so