Monday, December 27, 2010

Computer Classes

Sorry for not posting in two months. Lately I've been feeding my unhealthy habit of doing nothing.

I have decided to do Computer Bowl at my school, with the first meeting being on the Thursday after break. It's sponsored by my Web Design teacher, which is by the way a really cool class. After we learned about HTML and CSS, we worked on Adobe Fireworks, and for those of us who are ahead (including me), Photoshop. But the Computer bowl is about programming, which is what I'm learning in my Design & Logic class.

I've been pretty ahead in my Design & Logic class. We go by these lessons that we do on our own, and I can usually finish one in a class period. One Tuesday I was absent, and on Thursday we were taking a quiz, so the teacher told me I could take the quiz later unless I was comfortable with Lesson 8, which everyone was just finishing up that day. I told her I could take the quiz because I finished Lesson 8 on Friday (We run on A-day B-day schedules). Needless to say I felt pretty good when people acted surprised.