Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have decided to put in my two-cents of what I think about the kindle and other e-reader type electronics:

If you like 'em, great. Personally I wouldn't want one (though it would be handy to get books faster and cheaper). I wouldn't be able to bring it to school, and the squareness of it would be uncomfortable.

You see, the way I read at home is I curl around the book. My favorite reading spot is on my couch upstairs. I don't lay back, instead I sit up with my legs bent so the spine of the book fits perfectly on my legs. I usually lean my head against the back cushion of the couch with my chin down the read the book and my arms slung over my knees. Doing that with a solid rectangle would be uncomfortable and weird, especially since I'd have to move every few minutes to change pages.


Innes said...

sounds very cozy!

Lona said...

I was ordering a book today and saw that the Kindle version was just as expensive as the real one. I'm with you on this issue.

Maddi said...

I totally agree!! And I love your blog as well. I recently created a blog of my own (about makeup and stuff) and would love it if you could check it out! =)
Thanks a bunch!!

kaokensho said...

Word. Did you know that the US Navy uses tool that flashes words right before your eyes. Think of it as a view master meets clockwork orange (yes I am showing my age). You see the problem with e reader is that your eyes still have to go right left scanning the entire page before turning it and starting all over. With this device it's similar to a movie since your eye stays focused on one spot. After a few hours of training one can easily read 100 words a minute. My point is if we're gonna get books digital...then let's get serious!