Monday, September 5, 2011

New School Year

So the new school year started on Tuesday last week (due to not having power on Monday), and I feel like I had a productive summer. I had my first second earthquake and a nice hurricane that never even turned off our power. I went on trips to upstate New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. I went to a training camp for environmental activists and tested dissolved oxygen in the Mattawoman Creek for DNR. I went to a baby shower, I went to a funeral, I hung out with friends. I even managed to squeeze in two college tours.

This year I got all the classes I wanted. This year at my school they're really pushing doing activities during lunch so they issued ID cards that you scan and one of the administrators said that if she never saw your name scanned in she'd hunt you down and choose something for you to do. Thankfully I won't have that problem this year because my first meeting for the National Honor Society this year is tomorrow.

For my spring break my parents and I are planning a trip to Germany and Poland. We're going to visit my cousin Hallie who's studying in Berlin, and then go to Krakow where I can tour Auschwitz and go to the hometown of my great-grandmother who I'm named after. I'll have to miss at least two days of school but I'm assuming (and hoping) that my teachers will be forgiving of an international trip.


Innes said...

ysa started today and seems pleased with her schedule (once guidance fixed it...) most classes have some good friends, and only one has nobody familiar! i guess that's important!

exciting to hear about your germany trip! we'll be going around christmas to see hallie and maybe do some travelling, too.