Saturday, October 8, 2011


October is by far my favorite month. The colors of the leaves changing and crispness of the air that signals the coming of winter is sublime. The other day my dad ordered firewood, which means we'll use our fireplace soon. Here's a list of somethings I love about October

Lately I've been getting into sweaters: pullovers, cardigans, knit tunics. And fall weather is perfect for sweaters. The air has a hint of frost, but not too much that I want to a huge coat.

Corn mazes
I've been trying to get my friends in a corn maze for the past week. Corn mazes are the perfect autumn activity. the more complicated the better. I especially love the maze that are on farms with other activities, such as hay rides, pumpkin patches, and farm stores. I tried to go to a corn maze last week to ring in the season, but it rained too much. I went last night with friends where we got lost and celebrated with apple cider afterwards.

Pumpkin carving
I have fond memories of going through pumpkin patches, choosing the perfect pumpkin (round, but not too short), and being elbow-deep in said pumpkin's guts. I've bent a few knives in my time trying to cut the perfect jack-o-lantern face. And when all the carving was done, my dad would take the pumpkin seeds and toast them in the oven. Although this year there probably won't be any carving going on because of the cost of a perfect pumpkin, my dad bought a small pumpkin yesterday for a pie.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Although not the most appropriate movie, I've been watching this movie every year for as long as I could remember. Hopefully one day I'll get to watch it one day in a theater with other fans. I'm planning on seeing it at a local amphitheater, although I don't know the level of participation they accept there.

Spirit Week
At my school, spirit week is actually pretty fun. There's mix-match day, hat day, character day (which is basically like Halloween), and other cool themed days. It ends on the Friday of the homecoming with a pep rally.

The only day a year where you can dress however you want and get free candy from strangers. I always love the hour before my friends and I start trick-or-treating because getting ready is always so much fun. I'm a little worried because Halloween is on a Monday, but hopefully people will feel generous this year.

My birthday!
This will be my sweet 16, the day before Halloween. I'm going to celebrate it in the classiest way I can by going to a tea room with friends. Although my celebration choice may seem sophisticated, I absolutely refuse to grow up.