Friday, October 23, 2009

Flowers Nerebend Wi' Th' Rainfall

I be havin' a sore throat (that dasn't hurt that much, jus' uncomfortable), I be coughin', an' now sneezin'. Nay fever of yet. I also found a website that will translate words in t' swashbuckler speak.

Today there was a pep rally which was more fun than I expected. I sat with my friends and watched all the people walk by with their clubs. We cheered for the marching band people because we knew three people. They later joined us in the stands because although the step team, poms, and cheerleaders get to perform, they told the marching band that they could play at the end if there was enough time (which there wasn't). The floats were pretty cool and they all had a theme, which was beaches or something. The Freshman float was very intricate, and it had the motto "We put the fresh in freshman." It was a tiki hut with a hammock outside it. They threw Milky Ways at us, but they were only fun size, so when I asked my friend for some because he caught one, it was like the smallest thing ever. The Sophomore one was just a boat with some floral decorations and it had a sign that said "I'm On A Boat!" with a cut-out of T-Pain. I loved the Junior's float. It was a pirate ship! It was big because there was people coming out of it and walking the plank. The Senior's float was stupid, but they won just because they're seniors. Basically it was a small boat, but then they got out a dummy of a Leonardtown football player and proceeded to beat it up and rip the head off. Watching the clubs walk in between the floats was funny, because there were clubs that I never heard of before. I didn't know that we had a golf team, and I wondered why since golf seems so boring, except for put put golf, so my friends suggested we have a mini-golf team. A few people threw candy that they got from the floats at the people walking by. The looks on their faces were priceless. The cheerleaders cartwheeled in the parade, and one football player got out of line, back flipped with them, and ran back.

There was an obstacle course where they picked one person from each grade. The freshman won, but that's because the only person ahead of her was a football player and thus couldn't kick a soccer ball straight. Hanging with nerdy guys was funny when listening to their commentary on the performances. They said that cheerleaders are not as hot as they used to be. The step team was doing Michael Jackson, and asked why they grabbed their crotches. During poms they said that anybody could kick their legs like that. I exclaimed "I could be on the pom squad!", and one of my friends turned around and said "Please don't." One girl on the pom squad obviously had no clue what the choreography was, so it was kind of obvious to point her out.

Although the actual pep rally wasn't that great, it was fun to hang out with my friends for two hours. When a song came on that one of my friend's love, we started singing it out loud and saying stuff like "This is my jam!" People came from Chick-Fil-A and handed out discounts which I thought was funny since I knew a music fundraiser was coming up at Chick-Fil-A. One of my band friends complained about how people were going to use the discount at the fundraiser. People were slingshotting (or attempting to) stuffed cows. We were sitting in the middle, so there was no way that one could possibly reach us, yet my friend tried getting one anyway. I said to him "You'll never get one," when out of nowhere one flies in to the crowd and he caught it. Near the end I stole his shoe and didn't give it back to him. When he was close to taking it, I gave it to another friend and he wouldn't give it back either. When the friend with the stolen shoe looked away, the other friend hid it under my feet and told him that he passed the shoe down the crowd. The only problem with nerds is they figure stuff out fast. One thing that kept on happening throughout the pep rally was people kept touching me. You know when people poke you on your shoulder and you're left really confused? Well when it happened I made a big fuss about someone touching me, so then everyone started doing it. I never found out who was poking me when, except for the friend who was sitting in front of me. He wasn't trying very hard to be sneaky, so I didn't tell him off. He eventually stopped, but I kept on feeling pokes on my shoulder all afternoon. I don't know if I'd go to the actual homecoming game since my friends would either be in marching band or won't be going.


Innes said...

whoa! floats??! you guys sure are peppy!