Monday, October 5, 2009

Last night I went to bed at 8 again and woke up not as tired as I usually am. I haven't been using a pillow lately and I now wonder at what the significance of one is. I should start going to bed earlier regularly. Today was actually quite nice. In Government my friend was talking about all the nerdy clubs we could join, like chess club, debate team, and this republican youth club (as a joke). In Geometry, I was arguing with the same friend about how PCs are better than Macs. We were using laptops and they weren't helping my case since they were sooooo slow and stupid. I asked if she wanted my Moxie, which is a soda I bought in New England. Since I wouldn't be able to get upstairs in enough time if I stopped at my locker, so I gave her my combination. In French I told our conservative friend about joining the republican club and wearing Obama shirts, and he said they would beat us up. In Health it was super easy because all we had to do was watch a movie about drunk driving. After school my friend that I gave the Moxie to stopped by my locker and gave me a juice box that she got from IKEA, a Swedish drink made from elderflower. As soon as I came home, I decided to start on my homework, which if you know me is surprising. But the real reason is Torry left and I wanted to use the record player. Torry won't move me if I'm doing homework.


Hallie Jo said...

did you know there is an Obama shop in union station?