Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Tactic: Optimism

Today in Geometry, we're starting a new unit. When we get to a new unit, I always have to sigh with relief. Starting a new unit is like starting afresh but still using the most important stuff from last unit. I actually think I did pretty well in the last unit test, so I'm super excited about that. So the way things go in Mr. Spencer's is:

  1. Talk about the homework we just turned in.
  2. Talk a little about what we're going to learn today
  3. Hand out the packets for the chapter we're working on that day
  4. Tell us the vocab words and maybe explain them if we don't quite understand
  5. Tell us what goes in the blanks for the notes. The packet already has the notes in them with blanks we have to fill in.
  6. Then we have the rest of the block to sit around and do the work.
So today we went through the notes pretty quick and it all made sense. He told us we could move and work with each other to do our work. He said he knows some people will finish it all today. So I get to work with optimism, and it was really easy! I worked with my friend who's kind of a slacker and does her work at home, so I kind of made it into a game so, explaining everything out loud what I was doing, and getting so excited about getting the answer. My friend was just kind of annoyed since I'm like never peppy at school, but today in Geometry I was like a firecracker, and soon I was finished with it. I just made it seem like I was genuinely excited to do math, so then I felt genuinely excited. Usually math is my worst enemy but today it was like my best friend. It's all in the mind I guess.