Monday, November 30, 2009

Rules for Seeing the Water

  • You must actually see the water.
  • The water must be in liquid form.
  • It must be an actual body of water, not a puddle, precipitation, or in a bottle.
  • You must declare it to win. Thinking about doesn't count.
  • To declare you must say this exact phrase: "I see the water!" Nothing more and nothing less. Saying "What is 'I see the water?'" is the only exception. You won't get extra points, but you may get kudos.
  • If you did not see the water, you may grumble.
  • At the end of the day, the person who saw the water the most gets bragging rights and may gloat and/or write a haiku about it and post it on Facebook.


Hallie Jo said...

so great.

Lindsay Eryn said...

Sounds crazy. I like it. :) My family has similar games: the lisence plate game (find and call the rarest and farthest away for bragging rights of the day) and the carcass game (rarer road kill equals mega points.)

Play on!