Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

So I woke up at six yesterday morning so I could wake up everybody and open presents, but everyone was a pooper and wouldn't wake up. I got toy trains, chocolate, and a bigger and better mp3 player (finally) from Santa. My mp3 player can hold videos and photos, so I put in my favorite Bob Dylan and Donovan photos so I can look at them while I listen to "I Love My Shirt" or something. I got three CDs from my mom. I got Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II, the I'm Not There soundtrack (for those who don't know, I'm Not There is a movie about the many sides of Bob Dylan. The two CDs are mostly just random covers of Bob Dylan songs and not really from the movie at all), and The Hollies sing Dylan. The Hollies is another good band from the 60's, and the CD is just them singing Bob Dylan songs. My mom also got me this weird little electric bug thing that scurries away from you if you make a loud noise. It's weird. My dad got me that record player I was talking about earlier. We have a plan to clear off Andelle's old desk and connect it to her computer, then we can move the files to my computer using my new "memory stick" that my dad also gave me. The next best present I got was a brownie pan that has lines going through it so every piece can have an edge. Andelle didn't have her annual meltdown in the morning like she usually does, but she did later when we refused tell her something that's none of her business.


Hallie Jo said...

oooh keeping secrets from Andelle?! intense.
i got a cupcake cookbook. now i have lots of new recipes to test out.
also, my roommate was planning on buying that brownie pan for her mom. lol.

Haven said...

I think you should make me a cupcake. Chocolate plzkthnx.