Monday, May 2, 2011


So I've been looking at my stats for this blog after I discovered I could do that (Thank you Google empire!), and here's what I found:

  • The most page views I got in the past year was in January of this year with 204.
  • The most viewed post of all time is Adorez with 193 views. Runner up is New Book with 43.
  • The biggest referring sites are Lona's blog or Google.
  • Most of the page views come from America, but the second amount is from Russia with 89.
  • 64% of the viewer's browser is Internet Explorer (for shame, internet users!)
  • And of course, 94% use windows.
In other unrelated news, I have taken to the couch again since a spider appeared on my ceiling last night. Armed with anything I could find on my bunk bed, I threw odd projectiles at it, ranging in size from cough drops to college books. I finally gave up the fight and retreated to the living room.


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Unknown said...

I've broken dishes trying to kill spiders smaller than the top of my pinky. I get it ;p

Rahmath said...

Enjoyed reading your blog...

Brian said...

Yes the stat page is awesome