Friday, October 24, 2008

Beaded Chains

Last night I took a shower and scrubbed all my tatoos off. When I got into my bed, I was so tired. I bought ankelets at a summer camp, and I haven't took them off since. I even took showers in them. Last night they felt so heavy, so cold, so wet. I immediately started to untie them, but I couldn't since they were so wet. I searched around for something sharp, and took a pin from a button and started hacking away at them with surprised frustration. I accidently pricked myself, but I only stopped a second to see if it was bleeding. With the last of my patience, I pulled both of them off and put them on my dresser. I was tired of the beads falling off, I was tired of hiding them beneath my socks in gym, I was tired of them soaking in water. I was just tired!


Hallie Jo said...

i have an anklet i made at camp that i never take off either. its braided, though.

Elle said...

thats so cool