Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I haven't written a song in forever, so I feel like now would be a good time to start again.

You're out to steal the world
That took me too long to make
The things you've said and done
No longer in your wake

Shared expressions paint the wall
Opinions shared out loud
Why be the broken nail
When you get lost in the crowd

Let’s save the world today
Let’s go a different way
Let’s start a new tomorrow
Let’s end all the sorrow
Let’s stop before it really begins
Let’s let the best side win

Old baptismal gown
Torn, bloody, and cold
Your mind wreaks havoc
When painted with fool’s gold

Delirious and cheery
Like vultures on their prey
Forget what you’ve forgotten
Never let the rest fade away


What have I begun?
I have a lot to learn
But in the meanwhile
I’ll let the fires burn

Stepping from the ashes
A phoenix reborn
Why did I have to change
To this nature of forlorn


I’ll save the world today
I’ll go a different way
I’ll start a new tomorrow
I’ll end all the sorrow
I’ll stop before it really begins
I’ll let the good side win


Lona said...

Great. Lynnis and I were talking today about how much we love your blog.

Haven said...

What's so great about it? I haven't posted enough juciy middle school gossip.

Lynnis said...

You bring a fresh perspective to the blogosphere, and that's very nice to read.

Elle said...

oh haven your the greatest