Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have no clue what to write, so I'll just write my day. This morning I stole Andelle's MP3 player (she left it in the bathroom!) and was listening to "The Speed of Sound" by Coldplay when I realized that a certain lyric was too familiar:

Every chance you get is a chance you seize
It was then when I remembered where I wrote that poem that I wrote in another post. I was at a hotel and snuck into the bathroom with Andelle's MP3 player over the summer, where I layed in the bathtub weilding a pen, trying to get my creative juices flowing. I now feel a bit like a failure.
These two girls on the bus were trying (unsuccesfully) to convert me, which they seem to do when they are bored, or when they remember that they're christian and that they have a heathen in their midsts.
In science the girl behind me is either trying to convert me, hook me up with a guy, style my hair, or stealing my purse. To day it was trying to style me and steal my purse. My friend A decided to take my one of my necklace's I left in my purse and promised to give it back in PE. For some reason, all my friends like my necklaces.
In French my friend B's purse was making noises, but she was all the way across the room with a teacher, so I was frantically searching for the sound.
In PE A gave back my necklace, and my friend C wanted to come over to my house in Wednesday, which is something to look forward to.
I was looking everywhere for C's number, so I decide to call friend D to see if she had her number, and she did. I told her that C was going to come over on Wednesday, which is why I needed her number. D made a sound full of question and envy which is funny because it sounded like an "mmm" sound, but it was quick and...strange. D jealous?
Now I'm at home, Andelle seems to be out to kill me for some reason, and I'm starting to hate the phone.


Lona said...

very interesting post...maybe it can be part of a novel someday

Lynnis said...

Ah yes, this is the kind of middle school intrigue I was hoping for. Very juicy! Maybe you should ask D if she wants to do something on Friday?