Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've made some interesting observations today.

  1. Girls carry their books on their hips, holding them up with one hand, sometimes two. Maternals instincts?
  2. That the two christians in science are getting seriously annoying. In my earlier post, when they were tlaking about religion, I could understand why they were so passionate. But now they were just being buttheads. The girl behind me was combing through my rat's nest of hair, and even cut my split ends off. She just got so annoying, especially when she would hit me if I didn't give her the answers to the busywork, and when she'd always call the boy next to me to comment on my hair. I swear I was going to do something when she started to call my friend a racist when she said she wished McCain won. The boy next to me kept on asking if I brushed my hair at all and telling me my hair was nappy. I finally spoke up when he asked where the periodic table of elements are in the agenda book, and I replyed, "Up yours."
  3. One girl is officially not my bff anymore. Whatever happened to the tomboy I knew, who were scoff at makeup, and want to be a boy for Holloween. Now she wears lip gloss, eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. For Holloween she went as punk, in black leggings and black, red, and white plaid miniskirt. She never gets on PI anymore and she's stopped riding horses. No more country for her, she listens to the Jo Bros. and Flyleaf. She keeps on saying she has love problems, guys are stalking her, and her parents are stupid and crazy. She's turned into every other perverted girl who hilights her hair insane colors, wears black and hot pink, and loves peace signs as a fashion statement, not a symbol. Before she would be my best friend when her other friends weren't around, and now I'm just an acquaintance all the time; just a neighbor. The final straw was when a fellow girl scout asked if we were friends.


Lynnis said...

Sounds like there is a lot of turmoil in your social life right now. What is PI? Do you have anyone in the running for your new BFF? Seems like the last 'F' in BFF is somewhat of a misnomer as they seem to come and go. The ones that really never go away are like your hetero-lifemates.

Hallie Jo said...

BFFs do come and go.
quite frequently, actually.
but sometimes they don't funny disappear, and sometimes they do.

Haven said...

I have another best friend. She's friend with my "friend", too. She's also noticed she has changed.

Haven said...

And PI is PonyIsland.

Gordon said...

You are attractive, smart, and psychologically well balanced, and, although I've never met your friend, maybe she thinks she herself is less attractive. The rest follows from this.

Alyssa said...

or mabby, its because she just changed. im the new friend, and she complaines about her love life to me too. it is a bit annoying, and also a bit funny, but that is just her. by the way, im not the only one who has bad grammer.