Friday, November 14, 2008

This Week

  • On Sunday, Smallwood had a park meeting, so as mom was sitting down at the big table, I was like "Nooo! Sit next to meeee!" So she was like "Okay, then..." I laughed, saying "I bet you haven't heard that in a while." Then at home in the kitchen, an awesome song popped up on my mp3 player, which caused me to bounce around a lot.
  • On Monday, in French class, I got moved next to my friend, which was awesome. Though the teacher has an annoying habit of calling me Helen one second, then calling me Hélène (A-len) another.
  • On Tuesday I made my first hack, which caused me to completely deconstruct another one. Also, me and mom have started noticing dad acting funny when he carried his bucket full of beer to the living room because it was cold. Mom said "Imagine if you treated us the way you treat your beer."
  • On Wednesday in GTT there was a ub, which was awesome. The sad part is Gateway Tech actually seems fun now, especially since I'm not in the back anymore.
  • On Thursday during health, my group had to get rid of a person, so they all looked to me and said "Haven, you're a hippie, you're a pacifist." And I was like "Nooo! They'll eat me! I'm a hippie with social issues!" Of course, they don't think that's possible, but I managed to stay in anyway. Our group had a make a skit about getting proffesional help for serious problems, so they made me a radical hippie pothead named Rainbow. The role I was fine with, the name; not so much. Also, this weird boy on the bus turned to me and said, "Haven, I love you." which was kind of creepy, but hilarious, so I answered "Thanks?" He laughed saying "I'm so high right now. I'm so freaky right now I don't get high, I get low."
  • Today I felt really sick since I didn't eat breakfast because I slept in because last night Andelle didn't turn her light off until midnight.


Hallie Jo said...

interesting health class. sounds like its a lot more exciting than mine was.

Lona said...

Another outstanding post. In my day I think the term for hippie was 'eccentric'.

Gordon said...

I think the boy on the bus has a crush on you.