Monday, October 20, 2008

Hallie's Anti-Writer's Block List

Since I'm having writer's block again, so Hallie nicely made me a list of topics.
The election:
*Sigh* All I can say is I hope McCain doesn't win.
Science projects:
It's annoying. My observations and data are due Nov. 3-14, which means I'll have to get to an art museum sometime soon.
Art projects:
What art projects?
I'm between being a park ranger and an emo. Andelle says she'll walk with my, but she wants to power walk and go all the way down the hill. Maybe my friend will offer me to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood
Your upcoming birthday:
What can I say about it? It's in 10 days.
Your tshirt hacking:
Umm...*cough* About that...
The definition of "geek":
What was Hallie thinking? Geeks for me are people who are really academically smart that flaunt it and are usually strong in maths and sciences.
The definition of "hippie":
*shakes fist at Hallie* A person in the arts who loves nature, are not afraid to be themselves, and are generally all around awesome.
A book you are currently reading:
The Other Boleyn Girl...again.
A movie you saw recently:
The last movie I saw was a stupid Goosebumps movie on Disney channel, "Night of the Living Dummies, Part III", which made Andelle go hysterical about how crappy it was and how they could possibly have been two others. She screamed while watching it though, which was pretty funny.


Hallie Jo said...

read my post on mine and andelles blog =]
i like the list!

Alyssa said...

someone who is a goodboyfriend, because: A they get you stuff
B they are good at helping with your homework, and c they are according to you-know-who, they are good in bed!!!