Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Sick And Tired

It just seems like hell today. In our house it's like religion is fueling the day: atheists vs. agnostics. Leo's been lecturing me and Mom started yelling at Andelle. Andelle's been watching newsclips about atheists and Prop 8. Dad found out that Grampy was asked his opinion about someone stealing the nativity scene in front of the Webster town hall. He said that people don't care about religion like they used to. I'm just tired of it. Mom was explaining thumbnail drawings, using pictionary as an example. She was talking about someone drawing the cross, to symbolize church. If someone doesn't understand, than you draw a roof or a stained-glass window. I was staring blankly out the window, and she got angry thinking I was snubbing her. I just can't take it! I have a big GTT test tomorrow, and I want to get some sleep. No more religion on this blog starting...NOW!


Lynnis said...

what do atheists and agnostics even have to argue about on the religious front?

Hallie Jo said...

consequently, i am learning about early christianity in art history.
idk what that really has to do with anything lol

Haven said...

Leo and Mom believe there's something out there. Me and Andelle don't.