Monday, December 8, 2008


My hands are getting cracked and dry. I hate when that happens. Yesterday Andelle, Pipsisewa (mom), and I went shopping at the thrift store. Andelle bought clothes for interviews and It's Acedemic. Pipsisewa bought wool sweaters that she could felt and turn into handbags or something. I bought jeans, a vest, and a dress.

And now the random Monkees song you've all been caring less about:


Lona said...

My hands got a crack in them too! I went out and bought (from Bloom) Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme.

Innes said...

mine, too! i slather on Bag Balm before bed--or if it's really bad, i put antibiotic ointment on the cracks and cover them with bandaids overnight.


Hallie Jo said...

or use shea butter.