Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unholy Crap!

Everything seems to be about religion, now isn't it? But before I get ahead of myself, let me talk about last night. I was finishing my science fair backboard. I cut things wrong, so I print everything out again. Then mom tells me I did everything wrong, so I had to rip everything out again, and then mom was talking about how I shouldn't write like a fifth grader, when I think she shouldn't be a control freak.

Today in chorus we had a sub. Not just any sub (Because any sub is good sub, except that old lady in the red coat with white hair, she's just...strange) This sub was evil. She didn't give us any warnings before she handed out MIRs (minor incedent reports), and the slightest thing would set her off. Then she said something about God, which got this evil girl to say "We can't say stuff like that, it might offend people in here." The sub asked "What people?" The evil girl pointed to me and my friend. My friend looked boldly at the sub, but I just had my head down and scratched my neck. It's a subject I don't like to get into. This girl in front of us turned around and said, "You don't believe in God? You're going to hell." The sub said "If you think that breathing isn't real because you can't see it, stop breathing. If you think gravity is not real, then jump off the top of this building." Then the sub went into this big lecture about how everything is made from a thought. Out there in the universe, there's a thinker who had a thought. I would've mentioned the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I couldn't. My breaths were coming out quick and heavy, my teeth were chattering, and I was sick to my stomach. My friend said that she wasn't knocking anyone's religion, but the sub said "I wasn't talking religion," which is a total lie. Thankfully, almost everyone agreed with me and my friend that that sub was crazy and should be fired (We said some other things that should happen to the sub, but they're not appropriate). On the bus, one girl who's in my chorus class and my girl scout troop leaned over me and asked "Why don't you believe in God? Do you believe in the devil? Of course you do." Thankfully I got her off of me. I'm going to get some ice cream to calm me down.

A song to help describe how I felt in this post, by his Awesome Micky Doodliness:


Alyssa said...

She was evil. she was only talking to me, not even you so you got off easy. by the way just say what we said, i did on my blog.

Hallie Jo said...

what is it with your school???
this would NEVER happen here.

Lona said...

Whatever happened to "live and let live". If I remember correctly, when Thomas Stone High School was opened, the students chose that as the school motto.